Disciplines of Shooting

CURA undertakes two disciplines of full bore shooting: Target rifle and Match rifle. Similar skills are needed for both but there are significant differences as well. Some basic shooting notes are to be found on the CUSBC website.

The range safety briefing may be found here.

Target Rifle (TR) evolved from Service Rifle (SR) shooting in the late ’60s. Previously the No. 4 Service Rifle was used with sights either adjustable or not adjustable for windage. Modern target rifles are extremely accurate, and have sights which are fully adjustable for elevation and windage. To ‘level the playing field’ as much as possible without stifling progress, the rifle, or all its component parts, must be ‘readily available in quantity’. TR involves prone single shot precision shooting using aperture iron sights at ’round bull’ targets at distances from 300 to 1000 yards

Match Rifle (MR) has long been regarded as a premier discipline, and the Elcho, first shot in 1862, is one of the oldest international team matches in any sport. Like Target Rifle it is usually fired with the 7.62mm cartridge, but at longer distances from 1000 to 1200 yards. Experimentation and innovation have always played an important part in the discipline. Telescopic sights and handloaded ammunition are used, and the specification for rifles and the firing positions allowed are more open. Whilst the majority of shooters shoot prone, a few adopt the ‘supine’ position, reclining on their backs with feet pointing towards the target!

Annual Activities

Our season begins with our annual training week at Bisley during the Easter Holiday, which all new members must attend to learn the important safety aspects of full-bore shooting. This is a great opportunity for new shooters to gain valuable experience in full bore shooting. As with nearly all our shoots, this is held at Bisley Camp – home of full-bore shooting – in Surrey. Living in a clubhouse on camp, it is a fantastic opportunity to receive first-class coaching from international shots, as well as to socialise with the rest of the full-bore community (this is highly important!) We will try to pack loads of shooting, many beers and some curries into these few days.

Throughout the Easter holidays and the summer term, we have numerous weekend matches against many different clubs and countries. During the summer vacation we enter the National Rifle Association Imperial Meeting. This is the highlight of the year, and includes dozens of competitions, both team and individual. These competitions are for all standards. In the past we have had many members represent their countries in national matches. It is also during this period that the Match Rifle (MR) and Target Rifle (TR) Varsity matches, the Humphry and the Chancellors’, are held.