Outgoing Captain’s Message

Dear CURA,

It has been an honour to Captain CURA over the last year. I initially planned to round up the years’ results and individual successes, but Sam has already done this rather eloquently. Nevertheless, I will give my congratulations. I can’t emphasize how proud I was to see everyone do so well. When I set out at the start of the year the goal was to gain the clean sweep. This meant carrying on the record run of Humphry victories, and bringing back the Chancellor’s to its home. We made changes to the way we train, the way we think, and the way we work as a team. On top of this we gained some top shooters, and our returning members came into unbelievable form at the perfect time. The levels of individual achievements were some of the best CURA has seen in recent years, but this was just a bonus. The most important thing was that we converted a good season into the all-important silverware. We held our nerve and out classed Oxford. I guess it’s also nice to dominate the BUCS competitions and black powder varsity.

It took plenty of people to get us here, both members and alumni, and I’m grateful to all of you. Thank you to Simon Armstrong for setting CURA up for success during his CUSBC Captaincy, and also for his contributions to CURA (particularly on Chancellor’s day). I am most grateful for Sam Sharma’s work as secretary. He gave his heart to the role and was invaluable, which made being Captain that much easier for me. I’m sure he will lead CURA to great things this season. Everyone on the committee made crucial contributions, and this is a part of why we did so well. That’s not to say there weren’t things to work on next year. In an honest evaluation, our season was not short of hiccups… but we were proactive and worked hard as a team. We decided what we wanted, worked out the cost and paid the price. Not to mention we simply have natural talent that Oxford can only dream of.

CURA finished the season on fire and I’m sure that this can be maintained for the next year as long as there is no complacency. There will be challenges, there always are, but it’s important to acknowledge them early, work through them as a team and help each other. Furthermore we’re lucky to be retaining so much experience, but it’s important to recruit as much as possible. Give any time you can to coach the novices of CUSBC and CURA and get them along to socials. Team bonding keeps members turning up to the range. Anyway, I’m sure you know this already!

I’m sad to be leaving after five years, it feels like the end of an era… but I gained a lot that I can take away with me. I will always be on hand to help in the future, and I look forward to seeing CURA go from strength to strength over the coming years.