Message from the Incoming Captain

Dear all,

It is a great honour to be elected Captain of CURA, and I am lucky to take up the reins at a time of great success. This year, we restored ourselves to our rightful position as holders of the both the Chancellors’ and the Humphry, and added to them the Universities’ Aggregate and a convincing victory in BUCS – as well as the mighty Roads Cup, won with what I believe may have been a record score of 20 ex 100.

In light of this, congratulations are in order. Congratulations to Fergus Flanagan, who shot his way to 4th place in the Hopton – the finest performance by an undergraduate for many years – and walked away with what seemed like most of the NRA’s trophy cabinet, as well as representing Scotland in both the Elcho and the National. Congratulations to Jonny Waite, who hit an inner in the Chancellors’ and resolved never to do so again, finishing with a hugely impressive 149.21, to say nothing of finishing 131st in the Grand Aggregate. Congratulations to all of the members of CURA, who worked throughout the Meeting and for weeks and months before it to help this team become the best that it could be: who spent countless weekends on the range polishing their technique, who sat behind the point for hours with a scope and a scorecard to keep register, and who drove up the standard of shooting in the team so high that everyone had to fight hard for a Varsity place. Our success belongs to all of you.

More than congratulations, though, thanks. Thanks to David Firth, our outgoing captain, and the whole of last year’s committee for leading the recovery from our Chancellors’ defeat, as well as to those many club stalwarts leaving us this year after doing so much for the team. Thanks to those coaches who turned out on Stickledown to do battle with winds that foxed many of the Common’s finest. Thanks to all of those friends and alumni who helped us over the year, whether financially or by giving us their time, advice and encouragement. We could not succeed without your unfailing support.

Our business now is to capitalise on our success and climb to even greater heights. Victory will come not from the will to win but from the will to practise and prepare: from building up interested freshers into novices, novices into good shots, and good shots into great ones. Again, I am lucky, in that I have behind me a fantastic committee, at the head of a club with remarkable strength in depth. I have no doubt that we will be equal to the challenges of the year to come, and that my report in a year’s time will be full of even more successes earned and honours won.


Sam Sharma

CURA Captain 2015-2016